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Krusade was launched in January 2017, and is the third app released by Interactive Athletes Corporation (IAC). IAC was founded by Dustin Sproat and Kamil Sikorski in Vancouver, Canada. 

IAC’s first platform - Shnarped Hockey, created a new way for fans to track and interact with pro athletes, and was adopted by over 100,000 fans and 2,000 pro hockey players and prospects. The team successfully pitched the CBC’s Dragons’ Den, on the concept, earning a deal with all five investors.
Feedback from our younger users led to the launch of a completely new platform, Shnarped, in the fall of 2015.  Our unique video editing tools make it fun and easy for young athletes to create and share amazing videos of their sports highlights. This platform recently surpassed 200,000 downloads and 500,000 videos posted.

Krusade builds off the video editing tools in Shnarped, but provides a private platform for team communication, coordination, and video sharing. 


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